Blogging 201 , day one task

Hi everyone, i’m just trying to write for my blog 🙂 , i’m still confuse with wordpress…but still i wanna learn how to make my blog looks great , comfy for the reader and not boring and also will give you all my followers a benefit from what i write.

I am making the blog to self publish and to establish myself as a leader in the business that i am doing with Oriflame..

I hope that my blog will help others to accomplish their dreams with Oriflame business….

Hmm….i am out of word right now…don’t know what to write anymore….oh ya let me introduce myself first…

My name is Christina Kasimin, I am 40 years old , have a husband and 2 children (boy 13th and girl 10th), I live in Indonesia @ Jakarta city , speak in Indonesia , now i am working as an accountant in a forwarding company and also i am doing the Oriflame bisnis that is a direct selling company with MLM (Multi Level Marketing) system.

My 3 concrete goals for my 1st blog :

  1. I want to have 1000 followers until Des 31st 2016
  2. I want to have a different design for my blog ready max on Jan 31st 2016
  3. I want to publish post at least once a week starting this week..








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